2016 Nissan Micra, a Car That Expresses You.


The new 2016 Nissan Micra is a car made for you. A 5 door subcompact car that’s affordable, simple to drive, efficient, and most importantly, reliable. Nissan engineers have put countless hours in to ensure that the new Nissan Micra is perfect for you. And it shows.



Great things come in small packages, and the Nissan Micra is no different. At only 4.9 meters long, the Micra look smaller than it is. With big windows, that relive all blind spots, the Nissan Micra looks sporty and fun to drive.

Adding to the fun spirit of the Micra is the option to great your own exclusive Micra from a selection of exterior colours on a variety of features including Mirror Caps, Door Handle Finishers, Lower Door Stripes, Rear Hatch Finishers, and Center Caps. All of these options come work together with the Micra’s design to create a car like no other.



The Micra’s exterior displaying creativity at every opportunity, and the interior is no different. Featuring striking and powerful design keys include the silver accents around the steering wheel, air vents, and shift knob. With the large stylish windows comes an interior view of everything in sight, and a view like nothing else.

Adding the available Sport Seats brings distinction and adds flair to the exciting interior.

The Drive

The Micra, a car with spirit and style has a strong personality too. With an economical and perky 1.6L engine, the Micra makes any trip enjoying and zippy. In addition to the exciting ride, the Micra leaves less of a carbon footprint than ever before with Nissan’s PUREDRIVE stamp that lets you fill up less often and drive more!



The 2016 Nissan Micra is a blast to drive. Loaded with personality, flair, and creativity, the Micra is a car that is designed just for you. Offering a stylish looking car that’s easy to drive and extraordinary reliable, the Nissan Micra is made to suit you and to be with you along your journey.

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